Cayman Finance statement on the passing of Charles Adams

Cayman Finance today issued a brief statement, recognising the efforts of well-respected, local lawyer Mr. Charles Adams on the announcement of his recent passing.

“It is often easy to forget the generosity and rigor of key individuals who have given their time and resources towards the betterment of our community.  On behalf of Cayman Finance, I wish to acknowledge the contributions of Mr. Adams and his influence in the development of the financial services industry over the past few decades,” said Mr. Gonzallo Jalles, CEO of Cayman Finance.

Having arrived in the country in 1966 as manager of the first trust company on island, Scotia Trust Company, Mr. Adams subsequently founded his own law firm in 1976 and was later the Senior Partner of Cayman Finance member firm, Charles Adams, Ritchie & Duckworth.

“Mr. Adams was clearly distinguished as an unwavering professional who helped build one of the country’s largest economic sectors and whose accomplishments in the legal and banking industries, as well as the community in general, will not be forgotten.”