Cayman tops regional investment survey

Following close on the heels of the recent HSBC Expat Explorer, The Banker rankings, and Knight Frank surveys that all put Cayman in the lead over its competitors, a recently published survey by the Foreign Direct Investment magazine, fDi Intelligence, rates Cayman among the best places in the region for investment.

In the magazine, which is produced by the Financial Times, Cayman was awarded fourth place overall when it came to the best Caribbean and Central American Country of the Future for 2013/14, beaten only by Costa Rica, which gained first place, Panama (second), and the Dominican Republic (third).  Cayman came first in the category of best economic potential out of 29 countries.

In addition, Cayman ranked sixth for best labour environment, ninth when it came to which jurisdiction was the most business friendly and tenth for having the best FDI Strategy.

Cayman Finance CEO Gonzalo Jalles said Cayman was clearly now an obvious leader among competitor offshore jurisdictions.

“The increased frequency with which the Cayman Islands is now appearing at the top of international surveys indicates it has finally gained the global recognition it so richly deserves,” he said. “Cayman’s proficiency in meeting and often exceeding global standards of professionalism, its welcoming business infrastructure, and its friendly and hospitable working environment have all contributed to the phenomenal success of the jurisdiction.  We are very pleased that fDi Intelligence has recognized this.”

To assemble data for its survey, the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data using the specialist online FDI tools fDi Benchmark and fDi Markets, as well as other sources.  Data was collected for 29 countries under five categories: Economic Potential, Labour Environment, Cost Effectiveness, Infrastructure, and Business Friendliness.