Small Wonder?

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Delaware has more registered companies than people. Less than 0.3% of the US population and two-thirds of the 500 largest US companies call the State their home.

Yes, it is a small wonder, but I can’t help think – what is the big wonder?

A President that continues to attack other nations for more reasonable tax-management practices than those happening in his own back yard?

A State in ‘the most powerful nation in the world’ that allows complete anonymity when creating corporations?

US Senators that derogatively say “places like the Cayman Islands” with complete disregard of what is occurring in their own country?

A Deputy Secretary Of State that believes forming anonymous legal entities is not an issue?

A political class that accuses transparent jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands of secrecy and strong-arms Switzerland to change its secrecy laws, while making no change to the secrecy laws within one of its own States?

Media and bureaucrats that question businesses for legally minimizing their tax bills when in their own country the opportunity to do the same is also available within a state that shamelessly publicizes itself as ‘Home of Tax-Free Shopping’?

Or perhaps, the pure hypocrisy some human beings are capable of?

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