Cayman Captive Forum Is Only a Week Away

Cayman Captive Forum 2014 starts Wednesday, December 3Dr. Michio Kaku, physicist, futurist, and cofounder of the String Field Theory, will deliver the Forum keynote speech, titled “The Next 20 Years: How Science Will Revolutionize Business, Medicine, Jobs, and Your Way of Life.” Dr. Kaku, who also serves as professor at City College of New York, is expected to give a presentation filled with humor while he shares with delegates some fascinating insights into the future.

“Insuring Independent Physicians: Are Commercial Insurers Competitors or Partners?” is also one of the topics on the Forum opening-day agenda. Those who cannot attend the Cayman Captive Forum can participate in this session via a teleconference that is offered by International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE). Interested persons can register for the ICCIE teleconference.

The Forum has a broad scope of topics that are part of its packed agenda. Whether you are interested in group captive practices, taxation, micro-captives, a Cayman regulatory update, or future trends in insurance and reinsurance, attendees will find much of interest.

Early attendees have the option of attending the Pre-Forum Tutorials, which start on Tuesday, December 2. Among the Pre-Forum Tutorial topics is an overview of “Healthcare Captives—Past, Present & Future.” Health care captives represent 34 percent of all captives domiciled in the Cayman Islands. A large group of representatives from the health care industry are expected to attend the conference, as the Cayman Islands is the domicile of 257 companies that provide medical malpractice liability coverage.

Register for the Cayman Captive Forum, if you have not done so already.

See you at the Forum.

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