DMS Founder Don Seymour Named Among ‘THE WALL STREET 50’

Don Seymour, Founder of DMS Offshore Investment Services Ltd., (DMS) the world’s largest fund governance firm, is featured as one of 50 leading Wall Street financiers and academics in Kim Ann Curtin’s recently published book, Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future.


He earned his place among the 50 ‘conscious capitalists who are revolutionizing wealth creation by virtue of founding DMS and his direct role in creating the Investment Services Division of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), thereby leading to the development of the regulatory framework through which the Cayman Islands has been able to attract over 80 percent of the world’s leading hedge funds.


Ms. Curtin’s book contains the insights and experiences of Wall Street titans including Bill Ackman, Founder, Pershing Square Capital  Management; John Allison, former CEO, BB&T Bank;  John Bogle, Founder, The Vanguard Group; Rob Davis, Founder, Hedge Funds Care, Help for Children; Morihiko Goto, Founder, Goto Capital Markets Inc.; Joseph Grano, Founder, Centurion Holdings; Janet Hanson, Founder, 85 Broads; Brad Katsuyama, Co-Founder & CEO, IEX Group Inc.; Henry Kaufman, former Managing Director, Salomon Brothers Inc.; James B. Rogers, Founder, Beeland Interests; Jack Schwager, Author, Market Wizards and John Whitehead, Former Co-Chair, Goldman Sachs.


Leading academics are also featured among the 50, including Professor Michael Porter, University Professor at Harvard Business School; Professor Lynn Stout, Distinguished Professor of Corporate and Business Law at Cornell University; Professor Christopher J. Berry, Honorary Professorial Research Fellow, University of Glasgow and Professor Craig Smith, Adam Smith Lecturer in the Scottish Enlightenment, University of Glasgow.


Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future is Ms. Curtin’s first book and was published by Aviva Publishing, New York in March 2015.

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