Ogier launches new brand identity focused on law

Law firm Ogier has announced a firm-wide brand refresh.

Since it completed its successful MBO of its fiduciary services division in 2014, Ogier is exclusively focused on law, specialising in corporate, finance, funds, dispute resolution, real estate and private client work.

“Since the MBO we’ve taken the opportunity to review our strategy, our position in the market and the factors that set us apart from others,” said Ogier’s Global Managing Partner, Nick Kershaw.

“The result is a confident new visual identity. But like any firm’s brand, our identity is about more than a logo and a ‘look and feel’. It is part of the strategic foundations of Ogier.”

The firm’s corporate identity is in line with its service strategy of getting straight to what matters; providing thoughtful, pragmatic legal advice.

“Our corporate positioning now is around service delivery that is to the point,” explained Nick. “We think we are great at not overcomplicating things. Managing complexity for clients; providing advice that is never convoluted, always concise.”

The project involved a partner-led strategic review and an employee-led brand steering group, representing opinions from across Ogier’s international offices and service lines.

The new identity will be applied across the eight jurisdictions in which Ogier operates: BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Ogier’s Chief Operating Officer, Group Partner Jamie Bore, said: “The brand project is representative of the energy in the firm. It’s an exciting time.

“In the research that informed the creative brief the message that came through, loud and clear, was that we are extremely proud to be doing what we do best – excellent legal services, being responsive and focusing on the client.

“Technical excellence is a given these days, so we worked hard to define what makes Ogier different as a firm, what makes us stand out.

“We believe that as the marketplace continues to evolve and the issues our clients face become more and more complex, they appreciate the fact that we focus on what’s needed. Not ‘over-lawyering’, but getting to what really matters: clear, accurate, pragmatic and valuable advice.”


* Watch a short film explaining Ogier’s new brand identity here

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