CIBA honours top students

The three top performing students who have all completed their Cayman Banking Certificate qualification in 2015 were recently honoured for their outstanding achievement, with a presentation of a financial reward for each stand-out student.


Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association President, Mr Mark McIntyre, was delighted to present a cheque for $3,000.00 to Tessa Ryan as the top performing student, $2,000.00 to Ircia Iris Fortin-Powery and

$1,000.00 to Kristina Powell, who were the second and third best performing students respectively.


“The Cayman Islands Bankers Association has a keen interest in developing banking of the future and we fully support students who decide to study for the Cayman Banking Certificate,” Mr McIntyre said at the presentation. “I am very pleased to be able to present these awards to our top students and hopefully this will contribute to a lifelong climate for learning for them.”


Along with completing their Cayman Banking Certificate, all three students were also simultaneously studying for degrees at UCCI. Tessa Powell, an economist with the ICTA, recently completed a degree in Economics and is currently studying for her Masters in Competitive Economics. Ircia Iris Fortin-Powery, a Business Support Officer with CIBC recently completed a degree in Business Administration, as did Kristina Powell, a Customer Support Officer in Scotiabank’s business service centre.


Ms Annette Murphy, Programme Co-Ordinator with UCCI, said the collaboration between UCCI and the Cayman Islands Bankers Association has been a long and fruitful one.


“We have been working alongside CIBA since 2007, which has enabled us to offer a set of pre-requisite courses for the industry. In particular, instruction is performed by industry representatives and in conjunction with industry, offering excellent networking opportunities for students as well as education,” she advised.


Mr Martin Richards, Chair of Business Studies at UCCI, added that the university was always grateful for such collaboration.


“Such partnerships facilitate a smooth transition into industry and are therefore always very helpful. We are extremely appreciative for the collaboration, not just from the university standpoint but from the students’ as well.”


Mr Yves Martel, Head of Educational Programmes at CIBA, said the association felt it was time that outstanding students were rewarded for their efforts.


“We thought a monetary reward was a great way to say thank you to our top performing students for all the hard work they had put into attaining their top GPA scores,” he confirmed. “The association is very community-orientated and so we felt it was appropriate to give back in this way. We wish our students all the very best in their careers.”


JD Mosley-Matchett, PhD, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professional Development at UCCI, said they were all very proud of the students’ achievements.


“When students succeed in this way it is a wonderful reflection on the university as a whole,” she said.



CIBA honours top students (2)

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