Harneys aims for a cleaner and greener Cayman and BVI

Harneys staff, family members and friends celebrated Earth Day on Saturday 16 April 2016 by participating in volunteer beach and roadside clean-ups in both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

The team in Cayman participated in the annual Chamber of Commerce Earth Day clean-up and in the BVI Simone Foster, member of Harneys Green Team, organised a similar event. In the BVI, the clean-up route included not only the beach but also the historically significant ruins and the coconut grove in the surrounding area. Following the clean-up in the BVI, Harneys provided a cook-out to everyone who participated.

Harneys Associate James Elliott, organiser of Harneys’ Cayman clean-up volunteers, commented: “It was great to see such incredible commitment and team spirit from everyone who participated in this important initiative to help keep the Cayman Islands a clean, healthy and beautiful place to live and work”.

Andrew Thorp, Partner at Harneys, who volunteered in the BVI together with his son Felix, commented: “It was fantastic to give something back to the islands and help keep the BVI beautiful. It was also, however, a stark reminder of all the unnecessary plastics and Styrofoam used in the BVI. We could do so much more to dispose of and recycle our waste for the benefit of our economy and natural resources.”

The BVI volunteers collected over 30 bags of garbage near and around the Brewers Bay area. In addition to about twenty employees who participated, students from various schools joined the volunteer clean-up to earn Community Service Points.


Harneys Cayman team geared up and ready to tackle garbage along a stretch of Seven Mile Beach (2)

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