Programme Introduces young Caymanians to financial services opportunities

Cayman’s financial services industry is teeming with opportunity for home-grown talent.

That’s why government has partnered with Cayman Finance to create a programme to expose young Caymanians to the inner workings of the industry through workshops and one-on-one mentorships, with the goal of future employment in the country’s largest industry.

“The financial services industry is the largest contributor to our economy, and so we cannot underscore the importance of this industry to the success and the sustainability of this country as a whole,” said Education Minister Tara Rivers.

She told Cayman 27 exposing young Caymanians to the industry is essential to creating a pipeline of talent for the next generation of careers.

“We need to ensure that we have a good cadre in the pipeline, of young professionals who are ready to take up the mantle to ensure we have a sustainable future for the country,” said Ms. Rivers.

The programme kicked off last year with 50 students. It has now expanded to include up to 75 young Caymanians from every high school in the country, including Cayman Brac.

“Having a mentor in the field of my choice is just the most amazing opportunity,” said student Brandon Wood.

He praised the real world learning and mentorship elements of the programme for yielding positive results.

“The work experience programme really helped for me to narrow it down so that I know what I want to major in in college,” said Mr. Wood.

“We provide tremendous benefits to the global economy, what comes with that quite often is really attacks or challenges on what we do, but the value we deliver is fantastic,” said Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott, who told Cayman 27 it’s crucial to protect our financial services industry today, to one day hand over to the leaders of tomorrow.

“As we look at the young people, we want to make sure we are building a strong industry they are able to inherit and be part of, but not only inherit it, but also that they can participate and create meaningful value for themselves in the industry through their talents,” said Mr. Scott.

For nine weeks the students will attend weekly workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions.  After that, a four-week work experience placement will find them in the midst of a Cayman Finance partner firm.

Upon completion the students will earn a stipend of $1000 US.