Workplace sneak peek

Getting firsthand experience of working in the financial services sector, six students ages 13-17 from John Gray and Clifton Hunter high schools recently spent the day at DMS Offshore Investment Services.

The students were participating in “Take our daughters and sons to work day,” organized by the Family Resource Centre on Thursday, March 23.

Each student was paired with a DMS manager for a one-hour session to learn about the job functions in several of the firm’s service lines, including independent directorships, compliance finance, technology, legal and human resources.

“DMS was pleased to support the Family Resource Centre in providing an enriching learning experience for our students, outside of their usual classroom activities,” said DMS Vice President for People and Development Jacqueline Terry.

“All the students were enthusiastic and questioning and, based on their feedback, we know the day’s event was helpful in focusing their minds on the value of their education and the possibilities for their future. In fact, it was a mutual learning experience.”



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