2016 HFC Cayman Grantees!

Hedge Funds Care (HFC) Cayman is delighted to announce that in 2016, we distributed KYD $260,000 in grants to eleven programs which are preventing and treating child abuse in the Cayman Islands. On behalf of all of us at HFC, and especially our grantees, thank you for making this grant making cycle possible.

Our 2016 grantees:


$15,000 to the Awareness and Recruiting Campaign at Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands (BBBS), providing child abuse awareness and prevention promotional campaigns through traditional and digital media.


$40,000 to the Drop-in Centre and TAYA Lounge at Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, providing a safe space and therapeutic programs for at-risk youth and victims of domestic violence.


$16,000 to the “Protection Starts Here” Campaign at the Cayman Islands Red Cross, providing Darkness to Light training and  “Seal of Protection” certification to child serving organizations.


$50,000 to the Family Support Worker Frances Bodden Girls Home (FBCH) at the Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation, providing a Family Support Worker for children and youth at the residential care programs and their families, to facilitate children returning home.


$8,000 to the Children Law Education Campaign and PR for DCFS at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), providing a campaign to educate the public about the Children’s Law and DCFS’s role and child abuse reporting requirements.


$24,000 to the Place of Safety – Specialized Foster Care at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), providing an emergency foster care program for children in need who are difficult to place.


$45,000 to the Family Resource Centre Support & Sessional Workers at the Department of Counselling Services, providing administrative support and sessional workers for parenting programs for at-risk young parents, fathers, and families.


$25,000 to the Child Sexual Abuse Intervention & Treatment Program at the Health Services Authority, providing training for clinical staff and partners to identify and support abused children.


$10,000 to the Foster Home Aftercare Programme at the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), providing aftercare services for children with care and protection orders who age out of the Nadine Andreas Home.


$17,000 to the Child Abuse Prevention for Children with Disabilities at the Special Needs Foundation Cayman (SNFC), providing family support workers for high-risk children with disabilities.


$10,000 to the Bsc. Social Work – Help for Students at the University College of the Cayman Islands, providing financial support for students in the new Social Work Programme.


Did you know?


To date, HFC Cayman has distributed over USD $2.5 million in 75 grants to local grantees, helping to impact thousands of lives in the Cayman Islands each year. The funding for these grants is a direct result of the support received from the Cayman alternative investment community. Together, we have made the world a safer place for children.

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