Cayman can face any change after Britain’s exit from EU – Scott

Cayman Islands is in a strong position to face any change amid Britain’s historic vote to exit the European Union, according to Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott.

Scott said the country’s own political and economic stability, its sophisticated and comprehensive legal system as well as stable and business-focused government means Cayman, as a British-overseas territory can handle the transition.

He however noted there will be some volatility in the financial markets in in the short term, but Cayman will continue to monitor the political and economic situation and “plan for the long term to ensure we are well prepared for any implications this decision has over the next few years.”

“As the premier global financial hub the Cayman Islands financial services industry will continue to work closely with its clients and countries around the world to resolutely do its part in ensuring the continuing success and stability of the global financial economy.

He added: “We reaffirm our strong working relationship with the UK and Europe and our business partners in that region.”

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