Accountancy Firm Looking Forward to Next Round of Caymanian Interns

Accountancy firm BDO has achieved another successful summer internship; announcing they are already eager for the programme to roll around again next year.

The two young apprentices, Danielle Soto, and Teresa Anderson, participated in this year’s summer internship at BDO’s office in Governors Square.

Here they were introduced to a wide range of responsibilities; including audit work, supporting audit seniors with performing audit procedures, reviewing financial statements, and general administrative tasks.

Those who had studied accounting subjects were able to get more involved and participated in an even greater range of tasks.

“It was a pleasure to do work experience at BDO,” stated Ms Anderson. “During the internship I was reinforced in the values of work ethic such as attention to detail, time management and accuracy. The staff at BDO were very helpful in explaining assignments. I am grateful to have been exposed to a number of auditing concepts and actuarial reports.”

Audit manager at BDO and overseer of the programme, Alison Pinchin was impressed with the level of work her interns offered over the combined course of three months.

“They worked incredibly hard,” she said. “We are proud of them, and they should be proud of themselves.”

For one intern in particular, the internship has been an invaluable experience. Ms Soto is nearing the end of both her accounting and business management degrees at Florida Gulf University, and expects to prepare for and sit her CPA examinations next year.

“My internship experience with BDO has been very rewarding,” she said. “It has allowed me to learn and grow both personally and professionally through the guidance of the partners and staff. BDO’s company culture is welcoming and friendly, where ideas and opinions are openly shared.”

Danielle commented on the collaborative nature of the accounting projects she was involved with; mentioning her ability to confidently apply her university lessons to real life situations.

“Danielle has been with us for the past four summers,” explained managing partner of BDO, Glen Trenouth.

“From mid-May until Mid-August, she has been with us every day. The dedication she brought with her into this workplace is something we all admire at BDO. We wish her all the best.”

BDO have announced that they are already considering university applications for next year.
“We have participated in the Cayman Finance internship programme for the two years it has been running, and we look forward to a third,” said Mr Trenouth.
He added that BDO will also be considering other university students for an internship position next year.
“BDO is always pleased to host Caymanian summer interns,” he explained. “Even in their short term with us we hope we can give them some insight into the accounting profession, the type of people they will meet and the encouragement to take up such a well-regarded career.”



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