New Beginnings For Seven Starters at BDO

Two new audit trainees and five new audit seniors have joined the ranks of local accountancy firm, BDO.

“We are pleased to have taken on new talent at BDO,” said managing partner, Glen Trenouth. “They are an exceptional bunch, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.”

Marcia Hurlston, Mutsa Mutsago, Lacey Manz, John Tweedie, Daniel Cargill, Patrick Geraghty and John Eliver recently completed their week long introduction training course before officially getting started.

“This training is their first introduction to BDO Cayman Islands,” explained audit manager and trainer, Chris Wiltshire. “Therefore it is very important. They learn about the types of clients we audit and our audit methodology.”

Caymanian audit trainee, Marcia Hurlston expressed delight with her change in career; adding that she’d always dreamed of joining the accounting world.

“I am finally able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” she said. “Right now I’m interacting with so many different people and learning new things every day.”

Zimbabwe native, Ms. Mutsago is an audit senior, and commented on the difference between accounting in different countries: “It’s a very different marketplace here in Cayman, with a much more international focus. I love a challenge, and look forward to applying my accounting skills in an offshore context. There is much to learn and accomplish here and I am delighted to join the experienced team at BDO.”

Mr. Wiltshire is confident in BDO’s new accountants, mentioning his hopes for the future. “They will contribute by offering a high quality service to our clients. We expect our seniors to have a positive, can-do-attitude; solid technical skills; the ability to multi-task; a commercial approach and first-class communication skills,” he said.

BDO’s other newest Caymanian audit trainee, John Tweedie has recently finished his studies at the University of Dundee and is eager to get started in his new career.
“I’d been interning every summer at CUC for the past three years while I’ve been at university,” he said. “It’s taught me a lot and given me invaluable job preparation.” Mr. Tweedie went on to say that he looked forward to passing his ACCA examinations in the future.

HR partner at BDO, Paul Arbo explained the firm’s hiring process.

“When scoping out potential new members, it is essential that we ensure they are a perfect fit,” he said. “At BDO we pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable professionals. It seems like our new starters have already made themselves at home, and we look forward to their future achievements here.”



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