100WF Cayman Committee Leadership Update

We are pleased to announce an update in the leadership of the Cayman location of 100 Women in Finance. Lise Baril and Monette Windsor are the new co-chairs of the Main Committee. Thank you to founding co-chairs, Jo Cunningham and Odette Samson, for their invaluable service from launching the location in 2013 to the growth of over 600 members. Jo and Odette plan to remain actively involved in the location in an advisory capacity. Christina Bodden, who was also instrumental in the launch of the location, has been serving on the 100WF Advisory Council since January 2016.

100WF Cayman plans Peer Engagement, Education, and Philanthropy events. The fourth annual Barefoot Beach Gala will be held on March 25th with net proceeds to benefit our 2017 Cayman Beneficiary, The Breast Cancer Foundation. This year we will be celebrating Retro Beach Style at The Royal Palms. Click here to learn more and register for the Gala.

NextGen Cayman launched successfully in October 2016. NextGen Groups focus on 100WF members who are currently working in the broader financial services industry and have up to ten years of professional experience. The group, led by committee members and co-chairs Searlina Bodden and Cathy Houts, provide an educational and social forum at which women can build lasting, synergistic relationships. Click here to learn more.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers running the Cayman Communication, Education, NextGen, Peer Engagement, and Philanthropy committees. Your hard work and enthusiasm has made Cayman a vibrant and thriving location of 100 Women in Finance.

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