Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Programme [Students]

Welcome to the Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Programme! We hope this opportunity is one that you will embrace, as it is meant to provide a pathway into the financial services in the Cayman Islands.

Many organisations come together to provide you with time, talent and expertise, giving you a comprehensive and unique opportunity to experience various aspects of the financial services. We want you to be involved and engaged in the programme. Ask questions. Participate in discussions. Do your research about the financial services industry. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity you are being presented with through this experience. The more involved you are, the more you will get out of the programme.


Programme requirements:

  • Attend nine weekly in-class workshop sessions
  • Attend nine weekly mentor sessions with your assigned mentor
  • Participate in a mock interview and a formal interview
  • Develop a CV
  • Apply for a work placement by indicated deadline
  • Participate in a four-week work experience placement with a Cayman Finance member organisation

Students who do not attend all workshops and mentor sessions will not be eligible for the work placement component of the programme.

Students who successfully complete all three components of the programme will receive a US $1000 gift following their four-week work placement.



One of the key aspects of the programme is regular communication – between Cayman Finance and you, between you and your mentor, between Cayman Finance and your mentor. Here are some things that will help you communicate in a timely and professional manner with these key programme participants:

  • Check your email daily. Many professionals communicate by email. The programme coordinators and your mentors will send you information via email on a regular basis. If you check your email frequently, you will receive all information in a timely fashion.
  • Respond to emails. Part of the responsibility for communication lies with you! Be sure to respond to emails so the sender knows you have seen the information.
  • Pick up the phone. Phone calls are a great way to communicate, too. This may mean that you need to ensure there is credit on your phone to make a phone call.


In class workshops:

  • Workshops will run weekly for a period of nine weeks. Where possible, the workshops will take place on the same day/time each week.
  • You will learn about the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands.
  • Two sessions will focus on careers in financial services and important soft skills that will help you be successful in the work place.
  • If you know you have a legitimate reason to miss a workshop, contact Cayman Finance in advance of the sessions, and we will work with you to find an alternate option so that you don’t miss out.



  • You are paired one-on-one with a mentor for the duration of the programme.
  • Mentors are senior level professionals within the financial services field.
  • Mentors are volunteers and they have a desire to help you learn about financial services and prepare for the work place.
  • Meetings with mentors can take place at the mentor’s office, the school or in a public location such as a coffee shop.
  • During the mentor meetings, you will review the information from the previous in-class workshop.
  • Mentors will also help you with your CV and assist you in preparing for your work placement interview.
  • Contact your mentor. If you are unable to make a session, contact your mentor in advance. Bring suggestions about when you are able to reschedule the session.


Work placements:

  • Students who attend all workshops and mentor sessions will be eligible for a work placement through the Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Programme.
  • Work placements are for a four-week period, and will take place either in July or August.
  • All work placements are valuable experiences.
  • Students who successfully meet all requirements of the programme will receive a US $1000 gift from the work placement organisation at the conclusion of the work placement. Must s how respect, interest and enthusiasm throughout the programme.

Cayman Finance wishes you all the best throughout this programme. If you need assistance with the programme information or requirements, contact Cayman Finance by emailing or or call 623-6700.

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