Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Programme FAQ’s




Who schedules the mentor meetings?

Each meeting is scheduled between the MENTOR and the MENTEE.


Where should the meetings take place?

Meetings can take place in any public location – the mentor’s office, the mentee’s school, a coffee shop, etc. This should be decided between the mentor and mentee.


Do the meetings have to be the same time each week?

No, the meetings can be scheduled at whatever day/time is convenient for you both, and this can change from week to week.


What should we discuss at the meetings?

Each week, mentors are sent a guidance sheet of topics and information to go through with the student. This will help structure the meeting.

STUDENTS should also take responsibility and come prepared with their own topics/questions for their mentor, as this is their time to have one-on-one assistance with their mentor. Use this time wisely!


What if I can’t make a meeting?

If you can’t make a meeting for any reason (travel, emergency, school conflict), you need to contact your MENTOR as soon as possible, and come with suggestions on when you are available to reschedule.

If you miss a session and it is not rescheduled, your mentor will be in contact with Cayman Finance to advise them of the situation. Missing sessions may result in you being ineligible for a work experience placement.




How long do the workshops last?

Each workshop is one-hour long.


When are the workshops scheduled?

Workshops are held once a week, for approximately one-hour each time. The day and time will be determined by which school you attend.


Do you take attendance?

Attendance is mandatory and taken at each workshop, so Cayman Finance can confirm your involvement in all required components of the programme.


What if I have an emergency and can’t attend a workshop?

If you can’t make a meeting for any reason (travel, emergency, external exam), you need to contact CAYMAN FINANCE and YOUR TEACHER as soon as possible. Cayman Finance will work with you on an alternate option for the workshop session.

Missing workshops may result in you being ineligible for a work experience.




Can I pick which organisation where I am placed?

Students are asked to select their top five choices during an application process. Cayman Finance does its best to match students to one of these choices; however, there is no guarantee that they will be placed in one of these choices. Students need to remember that ALL WORK PLACEMENTS will provide valuable opportunity and experience in financial services.


How many interviews will I sit?

The programme will provide for one mock interview (arranged by the mentor) and one formal interview (arranged by Cayman Finance) for each student. These will take place in late May/early June.


What if I have travel plans over the summer?

Students are required to participate in a four-week work experience either in July or in August. All scheduling of work placement is done with the organisation where the experience will take place. They may or may not be able to accommodate time off requests, and students should be prepared to work for the four-week period as is outlined in the programme materials.


When do I receive the US $1000 gift?

All students who meet the requirements of the programme (attend all workshops, mentor sessions and successfully complete their four-week work experience) will receive a US $1000 gift from the work placement company at the conclusion of their work experience.


If your question is not answered in the above, please email or or call 623-6700.

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