Cayman is a top quality transparent jurisdiction

In response to recent media reports around the availability of the Cayman Islands court system’s records, Mr Jude Scott, Cayman Finance CEO, said “Cayman is a top quality transparent jurisdiction. We have a clear and strong commitment to transparency. We have been recognised for decades as a strong partner in combating global financial crime including money-laundering, terrorism financing, corruption and tax evasion and have gained the reputation of a transparent jurisdiction by meeting or exceeding globally-accepted standards for transparency and cross border cooperation.

The jurisdiction, including our world class courts system, is committed to reviewing and evolving best practice. Cayman is receptive to appropriate input and recommendations on existing and new practices and policies to ensure effectiveness and balance, while continuing Cayman’s tremendous benefits to the global economy.

The Cayman Islands is a premier global financial hub that efficiently connects law abiding users and providers of investment capital  and financing around the world – benefiting developed and developing countries.

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