How is Cayman’s Infrastructure Leading the Way in the Caribbean?

There are many aspects of life in Cayman that makes this a true paradise in the modern world, but our infrastructure may be at the top of the heap for ensuring a high quality of life for everyone in the islands. Here’s how Cayman’s infrastructure is leading the way in the Caribbean.


Dangerous one-way roads around twisting island hills and broken pavement dotted with heart-pounding potholes and ruts are a way of life in may Caribbean islands, but not in Cayman. The roads here are smooth, modern and well maintained. The government even undertakes regular road maintenance and widening projects to ensure that transportation around Cayman is safe and easy.


From mobile phone service to broadband internet and satellite TV, Cayman’s utilities services are on par with those of the UK, Canada and the United States. You can choose from different providers and packages for telecom utilities, and as for power, gas and water, local utilities companies offer widespread connectivity and prompt customer service to keep your home and office up and running with all the modern comforts you could possibly need. Not all Caribbean islands enjoy this advanced infrastructure, and the Caymanian government is investing in sustainable energy resources to bring us continued stability in this area in the future.

Banking and Business

As one of the world’s leading international financial centres, the Cayman Islands offer excellent banking and business services for individuals and businesses from across the globe. Cayman offers an unparalleled business-friendly tax-neutral platform and a host of physical resources for businesses wishing to set up premises in the islands. Grand Cayman’s Cayman Enterprise City is a particularly valuable infrastructural resource thanks to our Internet, Media, Commodities & Derivatives, Science & Technologies and Maritime Services Parks, which offer highly connected, comfortable, modern office spaces from which businesses in these fields can operate.

International Travel and Ports

Each of the three Cayman Islands has an airport, with Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac each hosting its own advanced international airport. Even the smaller Charles Kirkconnell International Airport on Cayman Brac has free wifi, air conditioning and all the trappings of a major international airport. Travel between the islands is easy, as is travel to the mainland of the United States and other international destinations such as the UK and Europe.

As for maritime travel and business, Cayman is uniquely placed for strategic success in international shipping. We are a global maritime centre with well-managed ports that offer security benefits due to Cayman’s status as a British Overseas Territory. As an official part of the United Kingdom, ships flagged in Cayman are protected by the Royal Navy, a security benefit that sets Cayman apart from independent nations in the Caribbean.

New source: Cayman Enterprise City

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