Cayman Finance congratulates Bermuda on its successful completion of free and fair elections and the continuation of its tradition of government that reflects the will of the people. The peaceful transition of power is a process that established democracies can too often take for granted, but one that is unfortunately still out of reach for many around the world – even in our own hemisphere. Like the Cayman Islands, Bermuda has demonstrated its commitment to representative government for a long time and should be applauded for doing so once again.

Our two jurisdictions share more than just a democratic tradition. We share a commitment to the highest levels of transparency and international standards for our leading business sectors such as financial services. Cayman Finance has appreciated the work of Bermuda and the Bermuda Business Development Agency in our combined efforts to promote the positive role that leading International Finance Centers like our two jurisdictions play in the global economy.

There is more work for the Cayman Islands, Cayman Finance, Bermuda and the Bermuda Business Development Agency to do and we must do it together. Efforts are active around the world to undermine the role that leading jurisdictions like ours play in the global marketplace. If successful, those efforts will harm our respective citizens, diminish our economies and have a significant negative impact on global economic growth and investment. Working together with other top international financial centers, those are fights Cayman and Bermuda can and will win.

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