2017 HFC Cayman Grantees!

Help For Children Cayman is delighted to announce that in 2017, we distributed KYD $302,450 in grants to ten programs that are preventing and treating child abuse in the Cayman Islands. On behalf of all of us at HFC, and especially our grantees, thank you for making this grant making cycle possible.

Our 2017 grantees:

(KYD) $50,000 to Estella’s Place and TAYA Lounge at The Cayman Islands Crisis Center, providing aftercare services and individual counseling for victims of Domestic Violence.


(KYD) $28,000 to the “Protection Starts Here” Campaign at the Cayman Islands Red Crosssupporting a child sexual abuse prevention project targeting youth workers, volunteers, and adults in the community.


(KYD) $55,000 to the Family Support Counselor at the Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation House, providing family education, personal and family counseling, and referral services for the children residing at the CAYS Foundation residential homes and their families.


(KYD) $40,000 to the Therapeutic Foster Care Unit at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), providing care to children and young persons with complex, severe behavioral, emotional and learning mental health needs.


(KYD) $45,000 to the Support for Prevention and Intervention Programmes at the Department of Counselling Services (DCS), providing parenting programmes to decrease the risk of current or future child abuse in the community by addressing underlying risk factors for abuse and neglect.


(KYD) $31,050 to the Child Sexual Abuse Intervention & Treatment Program at the Health Services Authority (HSA), providing advanced training and certification of clinical staff in the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of children with child abuse symptoms.


(KYD) $10,000 to the Foster Home Aftercare Program of the National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), providing support for children and youth who have left the care of the NCVO Foster Home with life skills, education, housing, and job searching.


(KYD) $17,000 to the Child Abuse Prevention for Children with Disabilities program of the Special Needs Foundation of Cayman (SNFC), providing home visits for the highest risk children with special needs and community presentations to build awareness.


(KYD) $6,000 to the School-Based Interventions for Child At-Risk for Child Abuse of the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, providing education for staff members through attendance at the 34th International Symposium on Child Abuse, a multidisciplinary conference offering more than 130 workshops presented by internationally-recognized experts from all facets of the child maltreatment field, hosted by the National Children’s Advocacy Centre.


(KYD) $20,400 to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub for Children & Families at the Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS), supporting investigations of allegations of child abuse and domestic violence within the community through the provision of quality child abuse interview recording equipment used to record child abuse interviews with victims and witnesses.

News source: Hedge Funds Care

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