Paradise Papers leak: Rivers- Cayman did nothing wrong

Cayman is named in the latest data leak showing where the ultra-rich and powerful keep their cash offshore.

The “Paradise Papers” as they’re dubbed, includes tens of millions of documents some even linking the Queen’s estate to offshore funds. Financial Services Minister Hon. Tara Rivers said Cayman did nothing wrong in the transactions highlighted.

Yesterday (5 November) BBC Panorama exposed some of the documents obtained in a leak from law firm Appleby. Ms. Rivers told the LA Monday (6 November) more steps are being taken to further strengthen regulatory obligations.

“The further development and implementation of the automatic exchange of information portal. This process is already up and running and we will continue to work with the jurisdictions that we engage with in this way,” Minister Rivers said.

She said the ministry is closely monitoring developments surrounding the latest data leak, which Cayman Finance has described as a hack on Appleby and its confidential documents.

News source: Cayman 27

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