Cayman Tech City to co-host crypto conference

Cayman Tech City, part of the Cayman Enterprise City special economic zone, is co-hosting the 15th global edition of “d10e” from Jan. 27 to Jan. 30 at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The event is part of the conference series on the decentralization of the economy, and will bring cryptocurrency experts, executives and blockchain investors from around the world to the Cayman Islands.

At the conference, local and international organizations will take part in an Initial Coin Offering pitch competition for the chance to win a third of the $100,000 investment pool prize provided by members of the Blockchain Investor Consortium.

Discussions are scheduled to take place at The Ritz-Carlton and several other sites throughout Grand Cayman, which, organizers say, will be an ideal opportunity to highlight Cayman as an emerging blockchain jurisdiction and Cayman Tech City as an efficient and cost-effective vehicle for blockchain development businesses to set up a physical offshore presence.

The Cayman Islands has seen an influx of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies set up a physical presence within the special economic zone, said Cayman Enterprise City’s CEO Charlie Kirkconnell. “The influx of blockchain-focused companies represents roughly 25 percent growth for the SEZ over the past seven months.”

He added, “The qualifications and experience of our blockchain-focused clients are very impressive, which has convinced me that there is much more to the ‘blockchain revolution’ than I at first suspected.”

The Cayman Islands’ existing legal framework provides the flexibility to allow technologies like blockchain to flourish, said co-host d10e in a press release: “The Electronic Transactions Law provides that framework, whereby documents and contracts shall not be denied legal effector validity, solely because it is in electronic form. The law effectively provides latitude for new technologies without requiring new legislation, enabling new products and services to be developed.”

For the complete conference schedule, additional information and tickets, visit the event page

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