Minister Rivers Addresses Shipping Conference

Minister for Financial Service and Home Affairs, Hon. Tara Rivers highlighted that seagoing vessels registered in the Cayman Islands are on the “white list” with three leading global entities when they undergo inspections in foreign seaports.

Minister Rivers was speaking on behalf of the Cayman Islands Government at the opening of the meeting of the Caribbean MOU on Port State Control Committee last week.

She noted that the Paris (for European region) and Tokyo (for Asia-Pacific region) MOUs as well as the United States Coast Guard acknowledge the high calibre of Flag State administration provided by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, which is operated by the Cayman Islands Maritime Authority. “This is an enviable reputation and requires constant vigilance to maintain – there is certainly no room for complacency,” she emphasised.

Minister Rivers explained that it is primarily the role of the Flag State to service its fleet, in conjunction with the owners and/or operators of the commercial vessels. This is to ensure that “these international standards for registration, maritime safety, the prevention of marine pollution, living and working conditions on board, and maritime security are applied and maintained for the entire fleet of vessels flying their flag,” she said.

The Minister underscored that Port State Control is a regional effort and the Cayman Islands stands “ready and willing” to promote regional cooperation under the Caribbean MOU and its Port State Control programme.

“We remain committed to providing, within our resources, assistance and support to other Members, and indeed aspiring members, of the CMOU and its Committee,” she added.

Minister Rivers expressed appreciation for the ongoing support from the International Maritime Organisation, the International Labour Organisation, the Paris and Tokyo MOUs, through the Caribbean MOU, Transport Canada and Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay, a prime source of global maritime information.


Via: Press Release