Raising a glass to 100 Women in Finance

Fifteen corporate teams descended on the breezeway at Camana Bay near KARoo Thursday to take part in 100 Women in Finance’s third Annual Corporate Mixology event.

Mixologists were tasked with creating a theme and cocktail to serve to more than 200 thirsty attendees. Blue haired Sotheby’s, Massive Media eggs, high tea, the circus, Christmas in Cayman and Alice in Wonderland were just some of the visually stimulating themes that greeted participants this year.

EY were crowned “Best in Glass” with their OktobEYfest theme featuring a “minEY beer” which was made with Licor 43 topped with fresh cream and a dash of Baileys and served in a mini beer stein. EY staff, fully committed their theme, served homemade pretzel snacks, blasted “oompah” music, and wore traditional German attire, complete with lederhosen for the male team members and dirndls and braids for the ladies.

“Our goal was to bring a taste of Bavaria to the Cayman Islands while raising awareness for a remarkable organization. Mission accomplished,” said EY’s Christine Bowers.

“Best Bar” was secured by KPMG with their glamorous movie theme, which featured a popcorn machine, popcorn garnished beverage and a red carpet. Cally Daly of KPMG said, “We were very excited to participate in such a unique fundraising event, especially as it supports the Special Needs Foundation.”

“With net proceeds benefiting the Special Needs Foundation Cayman, our philanthropic charity this year, we are thrilled with the turnout for this event,” said Anne-Marie Leadbetter and Laurie Mernett, deputy co-chairs of the 100 Women in Finance Philanthropy Committee.


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