Latest Banking Statistical Digest Now Available

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA” or “the Authority”) is pleased to announce the release of its fourth edition of the Banking Statistical Digest. The report provides a macro-prudential assessment of the health and soundness, trends and vulnerabilities of the Cayman Islands’ banking sector.

The Banking Statistical Digest includes an overview of the banking sector by reviewing the balance sheet composition, earnings and profitability and financial soundness indicators on the health and soundness of the sector as at fiscal year-end 2017. This edition also contains a discussion of the categories of banking licences issued by CIMA, the new Automated Clearing House as well as the development of a framework for domestic systemically important banks in the Cayman Islands.

This edition of the Banking Statistical Digest also introduces a new section, which primarily focuses on the detailed analysis of Category ‘B’ banks. The digest continues to highlight the importance of the Cayman Islands as a financial intermediary, providing statistical details on the cross border flow of transactions as well as cross-border exposures.


Via Press Release

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