Cayman Finance Submission To UK Foreign Affairs Commission

In September 2018, Cayman Finance provided a submission to the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee (“UKFAC”) as part of its gathering of evidence relating to the “Future of the UK Overseas Territories Inquiry”. The Cayman Finance submission document was made public by the UKFAC on 7 November.

The document contains compelling information about the essential role of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Industry in the global economy, and particularly highlights how the Cayman Islands is an extender of value and an important partner to the UK at a time when the UK is negotiating and preparing for Brexit and other global challenges.

The message in the document about the Cayman Islands is a compelling one. It highlights the great work that has been done through collaborative efforts over many years to establish the Cayman Islands as the premier global financial hub.

Let us continue the good work together to promote and protect the Cayman Islands financial services industry and its important role in the global economy.

Feel free to share this document in the link below within your firms, clients, business partners, and others who might find it beneficial.

Click here for the online link to the submission.

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