‘The Cayman Islands: An Extender of Value to the USA’ has been developed by Cayman Finance to share information about the essential role of the Cayman Islands financial services industry in the global economy, and particularly highlight how the Cayman Islands is an extender of value and an important partner to the United States of America at a time when the USA is in an era of evolving global trade relations and other important changes in the global economy.

The Cayman Islands, through its pivotal role in international investing and financing, supported by its robust and well-regulated financial services industry, can help the USA as it prepares for the evolving changes in global trade and the global economy by providing unparalleled access to:

• Foreign Direct Investment or “FDI” (essential to save or grow US businesses and jobs)

• Inward infrastructure investing and financing

• Liquidity for the US economy

• US Job growth

• Increased US tax base

• Global diversified investments for US pensioners

• Free flow of global trade, capital, investing, financing, and services


Read ‘The Cayman Islands: An Extender of Value to the USA’ here.

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