The Cayman Islands: An Extender of Value to the UK

In September 2018, Cayman Finance provided a submission to the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee (“UKFAC”) as part of its gathering of evidence relating to the “Future of the UK Overseas Territories Inquiry”. The Cayman Finance submission document was made public by the UKFAC on 7 November. The document contains information about the essential role of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Industry in the global economy, and particularly highlights how the Cayman Islands is an extender of value and an important partner to the UK at a time when the UK is negotiating and preparing for Brexit and other global challenges. Read document below.


Cayman Finance is the association of the Cayman Islands financial services industry and represents 15 industry associations.

Cayman is a premier global financial hub, efficiently connecting law abiding users and providers of investment capital and financing from the UK and around the world.

As a British Overseas Territory, Cayman has centuries of language, government, cultural, legal and businesses ties with the UK. Cayman’s financial services industry also acts as a great extender of value for the UK, helping British businesses and people participate in trade, investment and financing opportunities around the world. In addition, Cayman facilitates inward investing and liquidity which helps save or grow business, create jobs, and expand the tax base within the UK.

On this page you will find information about Cayman’s role both as a premier global financial hub and as a transparent, cooperative jurisdiction that already meets or exceeds the full range of globally-accepted standards for transparency and cross-border cooperation with law enforcement and tax authorities.

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We invite you to view and share the Cayman Finance jurisdictional magazine, Cayman Islands: The Premier Global Financial Hub | Issue 4.

Please view the digital version here.


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