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Cayman Finance performs a number of functions vital to the continued success of the Cayman Islands as a global financial centre.

It is only through the support of our members, who generously contribute their time, services and financial support, that we have been able to actively and effectively combat the misrepresentation of our jurisdiction in the media and dispel harmful myths about our services that exist in many overseas nations whose governments are considering new legislation regarding offshore financial centres.

As our membership continues to grow so too does the weight given to our messages internationally and our ability to effectively represent the industry. If you are a financial services firm in Cayman or an organisation that works closely with financial services firms, we encourage you to get involved in Cayman Finance by becoming a member. Links to the appropriate information and form are provided below.

2021 Ordinary Membership Application Form.

2021 Ordinary Membership Information Update Form.

2021 Associate Membership Application Form.

2021 Associate Membership information update form.

2021 Honorary Membership Application Form.