Member Benefits

There are many ways your company can make effective use of a Cayman Finance membership. Ordinary member benefits include:

  • the opportunity to stand for a place on the Board and help shape Cayman Finance decisions.
  • powerful networking opportunities.
  • being a part of a powerful information-sharing network with access to the combined knowledge and experience of our members.
  • member company press releases, articles, and events posted on our website. Members are further invited to submit blog postings and resources for publication.
  • listing on the Cayman Finance website alongside peers and industry leaders.
  • reduced membership prices at Cayman Finance special events and seminars.
  • advanced notice of promotional and sponsorship opportunities, which may include special meetings with invited guests.
  • protection of your investment in the jurisdiction from threats posed by harmful foreign legislation and mischaracterizations of Cayman in the media.
  • potential company promotion through Cayman Finance editorials and high-profile activities.

There is also the option for firms affiliated to the finance industry but not directly offering financial services, or firms based outside of Cayman to become Associate Members. For more information about becoming a member of Cayman Finance, please contact us.